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Project Information Form

This is the start of our creative process. Here, we learn about your ideas, inspirations, and requirements. Here, we understand more about you so we can create a product that converts your vision to reality. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

Contact information
Lead contact person for this project *
Lead contact person for this project
This person should ideally be the one point of contact to communicate all final approvals.
If possible, please include the correct corporate name that can be used for billing purposes
Usually a mobile phone or day number. Please include the country and area code.
Usually a work landline or evening number
Preferred method of communication *
Understanding the concept, market, and the audience
This is something that inspired or shaped the creative direction on this project. This could be a video, a music track, a book, a design style, an architectural design, a photograph, or even an incident that occurred in your life. Ideally, we would like only one major inspiration or reference.
What will make your target audience respond and care? Macro level, over arching, concepts would be good here.
Age, gender, nationality are usually important to mention here. Also, what platform or medium will this be used on or distributed through (i.e. television, a YouTube channel, an app, etc.)?
Who are your competitors? What style and quality is expected from you? Please keep in mind your budget and timeline.
Please include links to videos, music, etc. If this is part of a larger project, please include references for the overall project as well.
Input and Output
Activities to be completed (conceptualisation, copywriting, animation production, live action production, sound, editing) length of the content, number of features of to be created, etc.
This includes voiceovers, storyboards, scripts, etc. If possible, please specify if these are ready or a date by which you expect these to be approved and ready to send to us.
Accuracy is important here as many of these require certain settings to be configured at the beginning of the project. If you are unsure of these, please specify the medium this would be distributed on or if part of a larger project, the restrictions of that.
Follow up
"The creative process is a process of surrender, not control" - Julia Cameron
How much direction would you like to provide? *
Or how involved would you like to be?
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We will always inform you of any important or urgent developments on an immediate basis and when approvals are required